name of Mamaki
mā ma ki

Māmakī is yellow in colour, and her name means "Mine-maker". She identifies with everything and everyone as "mine", she makes no distinctions. Her right hand is in the varada mudra, and he left hand holds a lotus on which rests a vajra bell.

Māmakī is the consort or prajñā of Ratnasambhava

This bīja, and mantra are from a sadhana and accompanying puja composed by Dharmacari Vessantara.

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Seed Syllable

The seed syllable of Māmakī is māṃ (pronounced like mung) the first syllable of her name with the anusvāra.

Seed Syllable of Mamaki = mam




Mamaki mantra in Siddham script

Tibetan - Uchen

Mamaki mantra in Tibetan Uchen script


oṃ ra tne su ra tne māṃ svā hā

oṃ ratne suratne māṃ svāhā


Ratna is the Sanskrit word for jewel, and ratne is (probably intended to be) the vocative form – ‘O jewel’. The prefix su- means ‘well, good, virtuous’.

Svāhā is an ancient Vedic word that was used to mark the making of oblations to the sacred fire.

For the Tibetan script I have transliterated: rat ne su rat ne because this would be more natural for Tibetan pronunciation.