From here you can see mantras for Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and other archetypal Buddhist figures; mantras associated with historical figures and teachers; miscellaneous mantras associated with peace, Śunyata, or purity, and some chants mostly from the Pāli.

Click on a name to see mantras and seed-syllables in a variety of scripts as well as some background information.

Buddha Mantras

Mantras of the Five Jinas

Mantras of the Female Buddhas

(aka Consorts or Prajñās of the Five Jinas)

These mantras come from sadhanas composed by Vessantara for members of the Western Buddhist Order. To hear Vessantara chant these mantras go to Free Buddhist Audio.

Bodhisattva Mantras

Mantras of Mythic Beings

Other kinds of important mythic (ie non-historical) beings who play important roles in Buddhism.

Mantras of Historical Figures and Teachers of the Past



Buddhist Mantras

Buddhist Sūtras

Buddhist Chants & Phrases