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This site, and others including Wikipedia, uses Unicode for displaying diacritics - this means you can read Visible Mantra in your favourite Unicode font.

Roman - diacritics
Windows comes with some built-in Unicode fonts or example Arial Unicode MS and Lucinda Sans Unicode. For a nice serif font I like Times Ext Roman - this file is a self installing utility. Download and double click. Fully Unicode compliant and looks good on screen and printing - which makes it a rare jewel!
I like Tibetan Uni Machine for Tibetan - I'm going to use it in my book, and will convert the website at some point. For full details, latest versions, and instructions go THDL Toolbox.
There are many Devanāgarī fonts on the internet - I'm fond of Arial Unicode which comes with Windows.
I'm reviewing Ranjana Unicode fonts in the hope of find one that will stand in for Lantsa and Ranjana - nothing very inspiring so far.

Keyboard Maps

Keyboard maps enable you to type Unicode characters in any application - Word, Notepad, Firefox etc. It also means that you don't have to have one keyboard for ordinary characters and another for diacritics.

Roman Diacritics - eg ṭ ḍ ṛ ṃ ḥ ā ī ū ō ś ṣ
Jayarava's Indic Keyboard Map for Windows XP - may work on other Windows systems. Zipped archive with map files, and some documentation on installation.

Devanāgarī - देवनागरि
Jayarava's Devanāgarī Keyboard. Again for XP. Zipped archive with all required files. Installation instructions, use instructions and key map included in accompanying pdf.
Tibetan - བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལགས།
You will most likely need a Tibetan font installed to read Unicode Tibetan as it's not regularly included in general fonts.
Jayarava's Tibetan Keyboard. Again for XP. Zipped archive with all required files. Installation instructions, use instructions and key map included in accompanying pdf.
Unicode Tibetan is more complex than Devanāgarī and there really aren't enough keys on a standard keyboard for a totally intuitive keyboard. So hopefully my bodge job will work for you. There are other keyboards around.


Monier-Williams Sanskrit Dictionary Application - I use this all the time!
You need to download several files - read the install.txt for instructions.
This comes from members.chello.nl/l.bontes/sans_n.htm - the site is fairly obviously defunct. It is based on files from Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries. The interface is not perfect, but it is very quick and very handy. There's a newer beta version which I haven't tried.


All of what's offered here is for Windows, and as I write has only been tested on Windows XP Home Edition SP3. Apple users will most likely find that everything is so much easier on an Apple, and probably comes built-in anyway, so you don't need my help. Linux users are on their own - you have my deepest sympathy.


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