image of Akasadhatvisvari
name of Akasadhatvisvari
ā kā śa dhā tvī śva rī

Ākāśadhātvīśvarī is white in colour, and her name means "The Sovereign Lady of the Sphere of Infinite Space". In each hand she holds a lotus which blooms at the shoulder. On the right shoulder is a dharmacakra, and on the left is the vajra-bell.

Ākāśadhātvīśvarī is the consort or prajñā of Vairocana

This bīja, and mantra are from a sadhana and accompanying puja composed by Dharmacari Vessantara.

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Seed Syllable

Seed Syllable of Akasadhatvisvari = am




Akasadhatvisvari mantra in Siddham script

Tibetan - Uchen

Akasadhatvisvari mantra in Tibetan Uchen script


oṃ sa rva bu ddha jñā na aṃ svā hā

oṃ sarva buddha jñāna aṃ svāhā


There are a couple of incorrect variations on the spelling of the name Ākāśadhātvīśvarī. One sees, for instance, the spelling Ākāśadhātīśvarī which may be down to Lama Govinda as he uses that spelling in his Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism. One may also see Ākāśadhāteśvarī and this may be an attempt to model it on the name Avalokiteśvara but it is erroneous. Ākāśadhātvīśvarī a compound of ākāśa + dhātu + īśvarī. When combining the last two words in a compound the Sanskrit sandhi rules dictate that u + ī combines give vī. (according to my Sanskrit guru)