image of Pandaravasini
name of Pandaravasini
paṃ ḍā ra vā si nī

Paṇḍāravāsinī is light red in colour, and her name means "the White Robed One" which suggests that she is vested with purity. She holds her hands together at her breast in the anjali mudra, and is clasping the stems of two lotuses. Upon the lotus at her left shoulder rests a vajra bell, and on the lotus at her right shoulder rests a vase of immortality.

Sangharakshita likens Paṇḍāravāsinī to the image of the Buddha in the fouth dhyana: it is like the experience of someone who on a hot and dusty day, takes a bath in a beautiful pond, and having bathed emerges and wraps themself in a clean white sheet.

Paṇḍāravāsinī is the consort or prajñā of Amitabha

This bīja, and mantra are from a sadhana and accompanying puja composed by Dharmacari Vessantara.

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Seed Syllable

Seed Syllable of Pandaravasini = pam




Pandaravasini mantra in Siddham script

Tibetan - Uchen

Pandaravasini mantra in Tibetan Uchen script


oṃ pa dma de vi pu ṣpa de vi paṃ svā hā

oṃ padmadevi puṣpadevi paṃ svāhā