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name of locana
lo ca nā

Locanā is pale blue in colour, and her name means "The One with the Eye", or the "Clear Visioned One". She is associated with pure awareness, she represents the pure, simple, direct awarness of things as they are. Her left hand is in the dhyana mudra and holds a vajra-bell, while her right hand is in the bhūmisparśa mudra and holds a five pointed vajra.

Locanā is the consort or prajñā of Akṣobhya

This bīja, and mantra are from a sadhana and accompanying puja composed by Dharmacari Vessantara.

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Seed Syllable

Seed Syllable of Locana = lom




Locana mantra in Siddham script

Tibetan - Uchen

Locana mantra in Tibetan Uchen script


oṃ va jra lo ca ne loṃ svā hā

oṃ vajra locane loṃ svāhā


The Tibetan text varies slightly due to the vageries of Tibetan orthography and pronunciation. Vajra, following the Tibetan practice is actually written badzra. Locane is the vocative form of Locana's name and therefore means "O Locana". svāhā is an ancient Vedic word that was used to mark the making of oblations to the sacred fire.