Instructions for some Siddhaṃ Seed Syllables

If you would like to have a go at writing seed syllables in Siddhaṃ, then I would recommend you start with the 'a' for both practical and spiritual reasons. Practically it is a good place to start because it has most of the basic strokes, without being overly complicated. Spiritually 'a' is said to be the source of all of the letters, and a direct expression of the emptiness of phenomena. The contemplation of 'a' is a fundamental esoteric practice. More on the 'a' seed syllable

Videos of Mantras in Siddhaṃ

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5 April 2008. Introduction to Siddhaṃ Calligraphy

Introduction to the basics - starting with the mother of all the letters: a. Some background on the Siddhaṃ script and calligraphy as a spiritual practice.

  • For more details and bookings: Cambridge Buddhist Centre
  • 5th April, 10am-12pm
  • All materials provided. No experience necessary. Limited numbers, booking essential.
  • £20/£15

I'm charging for this event partly to cover my costs, and mostly to raise money for the CBC. If cost would prevent you from coming please contact me via the Centre. JR

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