Most of the pages on visible mantra are inteded to provide straight forward, quite formal examples of mantras and seed-syllables intended to aid visualisation and the beginning calligrapher. However Jayarava is also interested in calligraphy as an art form and so it seemed a good idea to have a page with examples of more ambitious projects.

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Dharani of Holy Infinite-Life Resolute Radiance King Tathagata

A dhāraṇī from Aparimitāyuḥ Nāma Mahāyāna Sūtra


the continuum of reality

A mantra from the Mahāvairocana Abhisaṃbodhi Tantra, chp VI.18-19.


May all beings be happy - Sabbe satta sukhi hontu

The Pāli phrase - sabbe sattā sukhi hontu - may all beings be happy.

Article One of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article One of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Inspired by the use of this text on the Omniglot Website as an example phrase for various scripts. The author Omniglot has kindly used my calligraphy on his Siddhaṃ page.

The Mantra of Light The Mantra of Light
oṃ amogha vairocana mahāmudra maṇipadma jvāla pravarttaya hūṃ

A key Shingon mantra associated with Mahāvairocana

alphabet stupa Alphabet Stupa - a design for a gift to my preceptor, using the Sanskrit/Siddham alphabet in the shape of a stupa. Accompanied by extensive notes.

Dharma Door A as a Dharma Door - based around the Sanskrit phrase "akāro mukhaḥ sarvadharmāṇāṃ ādyanutpannavāt" : The letter A is a door to all dharmas because they are originally unarisen.

Five Buddha Mandala thumbnail The Five Buddha Mandala in Siddham seed syallbles

There are also some examples on Jayarava's Flickr Site, and also in the Buddhist Calligraphy pool on Flickr.